Castle Structures 
in Novogrudok

The castle in Novogrudok (XVI century) is a unique building of the defensive type of the Middle Ages, located on Castle Hill. 

Calculation and modeling were carried out in the software package Midas FEA NX.

 The stress-strain state of the "soil-structure" system was calculated by the finite element method in a three-dimensional problem. The information model is a set of three-dimensional elements and is designed in such a way that all stages of the stress-strain state of structures can be taken into account in the calculation. All elements of the model were as close to real as possible.

 In the design scheme, the model was developed taking into account the technology for the production of works on the reconstruction of the Shchitovka tower.

 Based on the results of the calculation, recommendations are given for reinforcing the masonry and strengthening the walls with a clip of strands, as well as for performing an expansion joint.