Health Monitoring Systems for bridges and tunnels

Products Ready To Use (Plug and Play)

Datalogger DL 48 channels

Surface Vibration Wire Strain Gauge SVW-01

Embedded Vibration Wire Strain Gauge EVW-01

Digital Inclinometr BI-01

Crack Meter

Software SciView

Monitoring Program

Installation Monitoring System

Monitoring and Analysis


We create 3D models,
including from point cloud surveys, that can be used in CAD applications, such as AutoDesk Revit, Solidworks, and McNeel Rhino.

We perform CAD drawing, drafting, and modeling for homebuilders, contractors, architects, and architectural design firms. Elevations, Plans, Sections, and so on.

We freely sketch, model, design and document your ideas with precision drafting capabilities and the most flexible 3D modeling engine available.

Scientific Support

We provide Scientific Support at all stages of design, construction, and maintenance

We develop drawings for you in AutoCAD, Revit, Fusion, and SolidWorks.

We also can do spatial calculations of individual structural elements and creation of BIM-models from a cloud of points (Revit / SolidWorks)

Canva measure

Scan rooms in second capture thousands of measurements per second, as easily as taking a video — and stand out from your competitors while doing it.

Virtually revisit and measure with up to 99% accuracy

Teleport to scanned spaces any time, anywhere, from any device — never miss a measurement again.

This is one of the latest projects that was made in Brooklyn